Dr. Mahdhivan Syafwan

Matematika Gelombang dan Numerik

Profile Dosen

NIP 198208032006041001
Tempat / Tanggal Lahir Padang / 1982-08-03
Jenis Kelamin Laki-laki
Pangkat / Golongan Penata Tk. I/III/d
No.Hp 081276593951
E-mail mahdhivan@sci.unand.ac.id
Web 1 http://matematika.fmipa.unand.ac.id/mahdhivan
Curiculum Vitae CV [ Unduh ]


S3, The University of Nottingham, 2012
S1, Institut Teknologi Bandung, 2005
SMA, SMA 1 Padang, 2001

Research Interest

My research interests are in analytical and numerical studies of nonlinear waves in partial and ordinary differential equations for discrete and continuous domains. Particular interest has been devoted to the study of nonlinear SchrŲdinger equations modeling physical reality in many different fields, including condensed matter physics, micro-electromechanical oscillators and nonlinear optics. In addition, I am also interested in mathematical modeling and numerical applications in daily-life and social issues, such as scheduling problems, love dynamics, language competition, traffic dynamics, epidemic dynamics, tsunami evacuation optimization, digital image processing, etc.


2018, M. Syafwan, Efendi and N. Arifin, Journal of Physics: Conf. Series, Variational approximations for twisted solitons in a parametrically driven discrete nonlinear Schrödinger equation
2018, Riza Asfa, Azzahro Fitri Azadi, Zita Putri Netris, Mahdhivan Syafwan, J. Math. and Its Appl., Aproksimasi Variasional untuk Soliton Onsite pada Persamaan Schrödinger Nonlinier Diskrit Kubik-Kuintik
2016, M Syafwan, P Kevrekidis, A Paris-Mandoki, I Lesanovsky, P Kruger, L Hackermuller and H Susanto, J. Phys. B: At. Mol. Opt. Phys. , Superfluid flow past an obstacle in annular Bose-Einstein condensates
2015, Mahdhivan Syafwan, International Journal of Aplied Mathematics and Statistics, Onsite dark solitons in a parametrically driven damped discrete nonlinear Schrodinger equation
2013, M Syafwan, H. Susanto and S. M. Cox, Progress in Optical Science and Photonics (Book Chapter), Solitons in a parametrically driven damped discrete nonlinear Schrodinger equation.
2012, M. Syafwan, H. Susanto, S.M. Cox, and B.A. Malomed, JOURNAL OF PHYSICS A: MATHEMATICAL AND THEORETICAL, Variational approximations for travelling solitons in a discrete nonlinear Schrodinger equation
2010, M. Syafwan, H. Susanto, and S.M. Cox, PHYSICAL REVIEW E, Discrete solitons in electromechanical resonators